Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette

In The July/August 2016 Issue

  • Modeling Red Mountain and Silverton, Colorado, in O Scale - Colorado duo.
  • West Side Lumber Company Motor Vehicles in HO Scale - Off rail west side.
  • My HO/HOn3 Colorado & Rio Grande Southern Corporation - Fitting in.
  • Building Log Buildings - One More Way
  • Building an Sn3 West Side Plymouth - Solving Problems
  • Along the Narrow Gauge - My Historic Photo Album - Little Porters on Donner Pass, Towle Brothers Lumber, Part 2
  • Modeling the HO Scale Windes Inlet Waterfront - The Flagstop Depot
  • Modifying an HOn3 Lambert Associates RGS Goose #3 - Adding to my set.
  • Placerville on my HOn3 Rio Grande Southern - Part 11 - Building the Texaco Bulk Oil Depot... - Relocated from Old Placerville
  • Finishing Patrone Siding - Filling in a Blank Space
  • The Narrow Gauge Scene - Fine Scale Miniatures
  • Plans & the Regular Monthly Features

COVER: Patrick Karnahan painted this scene depicting 3-foot gauge Bodie & Benton Railroad #3 easing through a cut on her way to Bodie, California.

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