Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette

In The November/December 2014 Issue

  • My Southern Pacific On30 Slim Princess - A Might-Have Been Locomotive
  • My Sn3 Alaska Pacific Terminal & Railroad Company - Come visit at the Sn3 Symposium.
  • West Side Lumber Company 1:20.3 Scale Sand Car #3 - A Chance to Practice Weathering
  • Building On3 Death Valley Hopper Cars - Back to the good old days
  • Standard U.S. Army 60 cm Gauge Gondola - Revisited.
  • J. Symington General Store - Memories.
  • Along the Narrow Gauge - Classic Narrow Gauge Locomotives A Well-traveled Forney - Part 1: A Two-foot Gauge Boomer
  • The Forney - A sidebar.
  • Old Placerville On My HOn3 Rio Grande Southern - Part 2 - Building the Barn
  • Pacific Coast Railway Caboose #2 - Oops.
  • The Narrow Gauge Scene - More on Storing Narrow Gauge
  • Plans & the Regular Monthly Features

COVER: Watercolor artist Jan Rons offers this scene of Rio Grande #452 rumbling over Bridge 45B as it whistles out of Ophir and up the high line of the Rio Grande Southern.

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